Berlin police infiltrated by criminal Muslim clans

On the face of it, Mohammed, born in 1998 to an Arab family in Berlin, could have been the ideal multi-cultural police officer. He speaks German without an accent, has good manners, his hands are clean, he has a year-round tan, is assertive and athletic. More integration is not really possible. And yet Mohammed’s career with the Berlin police is suspended, and the suspension was confirmed by the Berlin Administrative Court on March 21, 2021.

Unfortunately, the Berlin police found that their prospective new colleague was “very close to crime-ridden milieus with regard to proximity, friendship and kinship”, as reported by the newspaper “Morgenpost”. According to the report, this results in “the considerable risk of a conflict of interest that is in irresolvable contradiction to the police profession”.

In detail, it is about a contact of the police applicant with another Arab who is suspected in 24 cases to have been involved in violent offences, frauds, thefts and cases of threats. The offences are reportedly linked to the activities of criminal Arab clans. However, this does not necessarily rule out a career for Mohammed in the German police service – but postponed until the allegations have been clarified.

The case makes it clear how great the pressure of infiltration is that Arab clans are exerting on the police. Under the current political conditions, the police authorities are under permanent suspicion of racism and could well use applicants with a Turkish or Arab background for their social exculpation. But by accepting them into the police force, they then let the enemy into the police station and jeopardise future investigative successes against criminal immigrant clans. – A vicious circle from which there is no escape before the next political turn will bring a departure from the current political doctrine of multi-culturalism.

Berlin: Arabische Clan-Unterwanderung der Polizei hält an

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