President of Millî Görüs Grand Est tells representative of RN to leave France

The financing of the great Eyyûb Sultan mosque in Strasbourg continues to arouse controversy. On Thursday, March 24, members of the government and other political figures continued to question the decision of the ecological municipality of Bas-Rhin to grant a subsidy for the future building whose project is supported by the Turkish association Millî Görüs.

On Wednesday evening on the set of Morandini live, on CNews, Sahin was invited once again by the media to explain his version of the facts. And Sahin, the president of the Islamist Confederation Millî Görüs Grand-Est, once again congratulated himself that his association had not signed the charter of the principles of Islam in France. “We refuse to sign this charter because this charter was not prepared, worked on by Muslims, mosques and federations and then finalized by the CFCM.” Following the journalist’s insistent question: “So you refuse to sign it?” Sahin confirmed his refusal clearly with a “yes”.

Sahin’s attitude riled Gaëtan Dussausaye, one of the representatives of the National Rally (RN). On the set, the latter invited him to leave the country if he did not respect its laws: “If he does not want to sign it in agreement, as in this case, he will do his business in a country other than France. Either we respect French law and we respect signing the charter or we go away.” Visibly not affected by these words, Eyup Sahin retorted in a threatening tone: “He has the right to say what he wants. And I say to him: Either he respects me or he leaves France.”

Since the municipality’s decision, the President of the Confederation has repeatedly said that his association respected only the values ​​of Islam and that it had no connection with Turkey. The Minister of the Interior blasted him for “financing foreign interference” and asked the Bas-Rhin prefecture to refer the decision to grant a subsidy to an administrative judge.

The Deputy Minister in charge of Citizenship, Marlène Schiappa, on Wednesday evening on BFMTV questioned the attitude of the ecological municipality which “visibly has problems with the principles of the Republic”, accusing it of “making a pact with political and radical Islam”.

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