Germany: Afghan drug dealer on trial for sexually assaulting two children

It must have been a shock for the children. In the park, two 13-year-olds were suddenly groped and even kissed by Karim H. (22). Now the sex offender was before the district court. Also because the children helped to catch the perpetrator quickly.

According to the indictment, the Afghan-born man sat down on the bench with the children, who were completely unknown to him, in People’ Park Heinrich-Greif-Straße in December 2020.

Saying he wanted to see what she was wearing, the man tugged at the girl’s clothes and groped her buttocks.

The children immediately fled, but Karim came after them. And grabbed the boy, kissed him and reached into his trousers, offering 160 euros for another kiss.

The children ran away, and called the police. “They were able to give a detailed description,” said a detective, who first spoke to the victims, then went to look at the crime scene with his colleague.

“When we arrived, we recognised him immediately from the description. Black cap, white Lacoste jacket, black shoes, Gucci bag and shiny gold watch. We checked him immediately.”

And while the policewoman was calling the police car, Karim also tried to run away.

But the officer chased him all the way to Räcknitzhöhe. “Then he must have run out of breath…”.

Since then Karim H. has been behind bars. He has a criminal record (drug offences), is on the police register (sexual offences) and also had to answer for giving drugs to a 17-year-old girl.

He remains in prison for the time being. Sentence: two years in prison.

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