Germany: Public prosecutor investigates former chairman of the largest mosque community in Göttingen for incitement of the people

As chairman of the largest mosque community in Göttingen, Keskin was also a public speaker – whether at the anniversary of the synagogue building or at the New Year’s reception of the Catholic Church. Again and again he pleaded for peace and tolerance. Then in February he suddenly resigned. In the social networks on the internet, Keskin apparently showed a different face. The Lower Saxony regional association of the “Sozialistische Jugend – Die Falken” (Socialist Youth – The Falcons) accuses the former chairman of the German-Islamic Mosque Association (DITIB) Göttingen of, among other things, hate messages against Jews and Armenians. (…)

Shortly after the allegations became known, he admitted to the Catholic News Agency (KNA) that the posts were his. However, he claims that he does not have an anti-Semitic attitude. He never said that the Holocaust was a lie. The controversial posts were primarily directed against Israeli policy. And he would continue to criticise Israeli policy, Keskin told the Catholic News Agency (KNA). He wanted to take legal action against the accusations.

The Göttingen public prosecutor’s office is now investigating Keskin. He is accused of incitement of the people ” by means of anti-Semitic propaganda”, senior public prosecutor Andreas Buick said at the request of the broadcaster NDR.

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