Young English woman savagely assaulted by ‘youths’ in Bordeaux

The young woman of English nationality was beaten up in the middle of the city, in broad daylight. Nobody lifted a finger to help her.

On a Twitter video relayed by the Info Rodéo media on March 19, a young woman was violently attacked by a group of immigrants in Bordeaux. The facts took place Thursday, at the corner of rue Chantre, in the heart of the Gironde city. The images show how passers quietly continue on their way, while the victim, of English nationality, is beaten by African and Arab men – called either “youths” or “scum” in France to avoid mentioning their ethnicity – who wanted to steal her bag and her phone.

The individuals, some five men, surrounded her and took turns to hit the victim. They did not hesitate to pull her hair and assault relentlessly. While the woman is on the ground, the attackers forcefully pick her up and punch her in the head. Visibly unsatisfied and even less moved, several of them then lead her a few steps away, behind a wall, where the scene continues outside the field of the camera.

However, we see the attackers continuing. On the right, a man runs to kick the lower part of the woman’s body. The individuals then begin to discuss their assault, pointing the body of the young woman on the ground after the extreme violence of the blows. No witness to the scene intervened to assist the victim.

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