Turkish criminals deprived hundreds of German pensioners of their belongings by pretending to be German police officers

With his business idea, the Bremen felon deprived hundreds of pensioners of their belongings.


His network was huge! The exact number of his victims: unknown!

As a “false policeman”, Amar S. (31) robbed millions in money and jewellery over the years. When they raided the headquarters of the crime empire, a call centre in Izmir, Turkey, in December 2020, investigators confiscated 1.5 million euros, 200,000 US dollars and five kilos of gold.

A tiny part of the loot: Investigators assume that the man from Bremen, together with 31 accomplices, robbed around 65 million euros.

The gang robbed German pensioners from a call centre in Izmir. Amar S. was the head of the trickster gang and inventor of the “false policeman” scam.

They called helpless senior citizens, saying: “We are policemen. Criminals want their money. We’ll take it to safety.” Imposters picked up money and valuables. The victims realised too late that they had been scammed.

Now it has become known: A large part of the loot is in Turkish real estate. Among them are three hotels (worth 22.4 million euros), 87 luxury flats and offices (33.6 million euros).

In addition, police officers seize 41 vehicles with a total value of about 7.85 million.

Amar S. and his accomplices are in prison. The Izmir general prosecutor’s office is investigating them for gang-related fraud, money laundering and for organising a criminal organisation.

In August 2012, Amar S. escaped through the window of a security cell during a break in the proceedings at the Bremen Regional Court. Within 30 minutes, he cracked the window bars, knotted a rope, climbed out of the 1st floor onto the inner courtyard, opened the barred door to the street Buchtstraße and disappeared.

His gang had looted safes in ten companies. He fled to Turkey and was sentenced in absentia to 5 years and 6 months in prison.

At the age of 16, he had already committed more than 95 offences. Assault, robbery, extortion, theft, drug trafficking.


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