“Let her die, the bitch, she has betrayed me.” – Afghan asylum seeker stabs German mother to death in front of her 8-month-old daughter – After the verdict, he smoked a cigarette contentedly in front of the court

Before the verdict he cried and sobbed, afterwards the woman killer of Plattling smoked a cigarette with pleasure in front of the court.
Judge Georg Meiski sentenced him to life imprisonment for the knife murder of Tatjana S. (†20) in front of her eight-month-old daughter.
The Afghan refugee Shaeiq S. has every reason to be satisfied: Although he killed his partner with 18 stabs and the use of two knives in an agonising death on August 6, 2020, the Deggendorf Regional Court did not consider the murder to be cruel.

“The horror, the pain and the suffering are immense, the means of the rule of law are not,” said the judge. In plain language: The defendant, who has seven previous convictions, can be released after only 15 years in prison.
Tatjana’s parents were present in the courtroom when the judge described the background of the crime in front of the couple’s shared kebab restaurant.

In 2013, the dishwasher had come to Germany from Afghanistan, impregnated a 19-year-old in 2014 and then repeatedly established liaisons with underage girls.
“Tatjana was only 15 when she fell in love with the 20-year-old accused in 2015,” the judge said. Her family accepted him, her father even paid 10 000 euros for the snack van. For Shaeiq, she dressed modestly, withdrew from other boyfriends, converted to Islam and eventually even married him according to Muslim rites. “Initially, Tatjana probably perceived this extensive claim to control as a sign of special love,” Judge Meiski said.

But under the influence of alcohol and drugs, Shaeiq S. increasingly became delusional and jealous, doubting the paternity of his daughter, who was born in 2019, and even insinuating that Tatjana was having an affair with her father. “Allah will punish you,” he threatened her. “There must be blood first,” he told a friend before the crime.
In the summer of 2020, she moved out of the flat, wanted to separate. She went to the snack bar for a final discussion at around 8 pm on the day of the crime. Judge Meiski: “He pulled her into the car, tapped her on the chest with a knife and asked if she had cheated on him. Because she was tired of the eternal pointless questions, she said: Yes, and with several. He now had the answer he had long been waiting for and stabbed her.

Afterwards, he pulled the daughter out of the car and sat down with her in front of the kebab stall. “Even in this situation he still denied Tatjana the right to live and shouted to helpers: Let her die, the bitch, she has betrayed me.”
It was not alcohol that had murdered the young woman: “It was you,” Judge Meiski told the accused. “Adam could no longer dictate anything to Eve, thus she destroyed paradise and was no longer worth anything in his eyes.”


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