Video proves: Syrian asylum seeker spat at the paramedic! But the German press condemns the paramedic and the police officers as the alleged culprits

“Suddenly you are shown a longer version of the video in which you can clearly see that the Syrian asylum seeker spat once again in the direction of the paramedic,” writes publicist Anabel Schunke on Twitter and asks: “Why was only a different version shown beforehand in which you didn’t get to see that?”
A good question.

It is completely normal that after a spectacular incident, first a video appears, then a second from a different perspective, a third and so on and so forth. The only thing is that the punching of a Syrian in an accommodation centre for asylum fraudsters, who is said to have rioted, punched, kicked and spat in advance, was not the 11th of September or anything like that, which means that there is only this one video that we know from tabloid BILD and the like.

So we really have to ask ourselves the question: Now that the Merkel-critical editor-in-chief Julian Reichel has been booted out, at least temporarily, is BILD becoming a pure propaganda tool of our “Refugees Welcome” government?

And where are the journalistic ethics? Where is the will for truthful reporting? And why are the paramedics being portrayed as the nation’s brutes and the police as his accomplices?

Is a Syrian who riots, beats, kicks and spits in return for admission, board, lodging and pocket money closer to the scumbags working for BILD than a hard-working paramedic and the German police?

Now the criminal also gets the opportunity to spread his lies !And the paramedic is of course the “beating paramedic”. Why isn’t the Syrian called the “spitting” Syrian in the same breath?

Also a good question, which those responsible at the BILD newspaper must justify themselves in accordance with their consciences.

Längeres Video beweist: Syrer spuckte den Sanitäter an!

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