The Muslim Social Democratic Party (SPD) member of the Bundestag and her questionable attitude towards Islamism and her Islamist brothers

Aydan Özoğuz Member of the German Bundestag, former Federal Commissioner for Migration, Refugees and Integration and current member of the Committee for Human Rights and Humanitarian Aid in the German Bundestag, is an enigmatic personality within an integration-hostile family. As early as 2016, she warned against a general ban on child marriages, because this could push sexually abused girls completely into the social exclusion.

A weak argument that sets abuse and financial dependencies against each other. And on other issues, too, she repeatedly let it be known that she wanted to protect rather than condemn orthodox (radical) Islam.This was also the case with the burqa ban. One never heard anything really pro-Israel or warnings against Islamic Islamism from her. This probably has to do with her family, as her brother Dr. Yavuz Özoguz runs the website Muslim-Markt that is full of misogyny, anti-Semitism and contempt for Christianity.

For more than three years now, the front page of Muslim-Markt has featured a link to an article by Ms Özoğuz’s brother Yavuz comparing Israel to the Boer state, which was wiped out because of its apartheid. In addition, a pamphlet disguised as an appeal against anti-Semitism claims that anti-Zionism has nothing to do with hostility towards Jews. Below this, numerous anti-Israel and anti-Jewish articles are linked, such as: “The Eleventh Commandment: Israel may do anything”, “The Holocaust Industry” or “Apartheid and Ethnic Cleansing in Palestine”.

Since the day before yesterday, the linked headline “You want to start wearing hijab” has been used to advertise the veiling of young girls.

Dates are always given twice on this page. Today, for example, it says “Mo. 8.3.21 / 24. Radschab 1442.” This also clearly shows the will to distance oneself from Western society.

The member of the German Parliament has never distanced herself from her brother’s propaganda, neither at the time when she was Integration Commissioner nor later. This shows: Either she sees herself as a subordinate being in her family constellation who has to obey and not contradict. Or else – since she always presents herself as liberal and emancipated – she fully stands by the contents spread by her brother. The latter is more likely.

For the German government, Islam belongs to Germany. It should browse more often on the websites of educated Muslims. Then perhaps they would realise that this sweeping statement cannot be allowed to stand. On this website Muslim-Markt , articles are linked and distributed that call for anti-Zionism and thus indirectly for anti-Semitism. Christians who position themselves against Islam are discredited, the role of women in Islam is reduced to the servant of men. Is all this really supposed to be part of Germany, Ms Merkel?

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