11 Muslim refugees on trial for several gang rapes committed on German women

Two men convicted of a gang rape in Freiburg must stand trial for an alleged further gang rape. The two Syrians, together with a third, also Syrian, accused, allegedly gang-raped a then 19-year-old woman in September 2017, the Freiburg Regional Court announced on Thursday. The scene of the crime was the Freiburg flat of one of the accused. The trial is scheduled to begin on March the 11th. Eleven days of court sessions are scheduled.The two men, aged 24 and 25, who have already been convicted, have been in pre-trial detention since October 2018 for the gang rape in a bush outside a Freiburg disco. Last July, they were sentenced to several years in prison for this. However, the sentences are not yet final, as the Federal Supreme Court has not yet ruled on the appeals of the two men. The third accused was so far at large, as the court informed.In addition to rape, the men are accused of other offences in the new trial. Among other things, the 24-year-old has to answer for dangerous bodily harm, for an attempted sexual assault and an exhibitionistic offence. The 25-year-old is alleged to have committed drug offences.The gang rape at the Hans-Bunte-Areal in Freiburg in mid-October 2018 had caused great horror. Eleven men were accused in the subsequent trial, all but one of them refugees.


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