Germany: Syrian parcel delivery driver on trial for rape

This time he is threatened with imprisonment! So far Bozan I. (23) has “only” been fined for his rough treatment of women. But now the courier has to stand trial for rape at the Regional Court of Görlitz.

According to the indictment, the Syrian-born man met a compatriot woman on the internet. He pretended to be a woman, obtained her trust and got a photo from her “showing her unveiled”.

Bozan then revealed himself as a man and blackmailed the victim. He demanded nude photos or he would send the unveiled photo to her husband.

He posted a photo of the victim on the internet and demanded sex in exchange for deleting it – which is an offence equivalent to rape.

Bozan also attacked the woman in a flat, pulled her to the floor and groped her. A friend intervened.”That’s not true,” the defendant said via his lawyer. He had had a relationship with the woman. Only when she threatened to tell his wife about the affair, he threatened to tell her husband as well. He was lured into the flat, locked up and had to flee by force.Witness statements should now bring clarity. Bozan was already convicted in Görlitz for hitting a perfect stranger, grabbing her and licking her face. A year later, he stalked a woman, ignored her rejections and finally threatened to harm her husband if he did not have his way.And according to another indictment already in the hands of the court, Bozan is alleged to have raped two girls in Görlitz with a buddy.The verdict will be given soon.

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