Germany: 12 years in prison for 34 stabbings are not severe enough for her family – Iraqi considered the murder victim his property

A young woman, butchered to death with 34 stab wounds and cuts. Is this truly ” just” manslaughter?

No, says the family of Fatemeh B. († 28). “The man must never get out of prison ever again!”

On Wednesday, the appeal trial against Zyad S. (24) started at the Regional Court of Lübeck. In the first instance, the Iraqi was sentenced to twelve years in prison.

Manslaughter, that was the court’s verdict at the time. Not murder.

The joint plaintiffs are Fatemeh’s father Kheirollah (60) and sister Sara (24). Their lawyer, the representative of the plaintiffs, Sebastian Brill, explains on behalf of his clients: “Fatemeh felt comfortable in Germany, she enjoyed her freedom.

But according to the prosecution, the Iraqi did not want to grant this freedom to his girlfriend, with whom he had been dating for three months.

His motive for the murder: Zyad S. had considered Fatemeh to be his property.

Lawyer Brill on his successful appeal to the Federal Supreme Court: “The Federal Supreme Court ruled that the first instance had not sufficiently taken jealousy and insidiousness into account.”

The crime: Zyad S. had lured his victim to a dirt road near Heiligenhafen at night and stabbed her to death.

Beforehand, according to the accused, Fatemeh had said that she would cheat on him – “I was as angry as I had never been in my life. Then there came the stabbings.”

Witnesses to the young woman’s alleged statement? Absolutely none.

Trial continues.

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