Denmarks tells Syrians to return home to their safe country

The Scandinavian nation has withdrawn their residence permits from 94 Syrian refugees after determining that Damascus and its surroundings are safe to return to. Denmark has in fact become the first European country to tell Syrian migrants they must return to their country of origin, stating it is now safe for them to do so.

Mattias Tesfaye, the Danish immigration minister, said last month that the country had been “open and honest from the start” with asylum seekers coming from Syria.

“We have made it clear to the Syrian refugees that their residence permit was temporary. It can be withdrawn if the protection is no longer needed,” he told the Daily Telegraph. “When conditions in the country of origin improve, a refugee must return home,” he explained.

Germany had previously declared that only refugees guilty of crimes could be deported to Syria. Denmark’s decision now means that 350 other Syrian residents in the country will possibly have their temporary protection permits revoked.

The ambition stated by the Danish Prime Minister, the Social Democrat Mette Frederiksen, is no asylum application lodged in Denmark, in maintaining the course of a very restrictive reception policy at a time when the country has received the lowest number of applications since 1998.

The small Nordic country of 5,8 million inhabitants makes no secret of its desire to discourage migrants from seeking refuge there. “We have to make sure that few people come to our country, otherwise our social cohesion cannot prevail,” said Frederiksen.

In 2017, then at the head of the Social Democrats, she presented a plan to send “non-Western” migrants back to African camps, sorting centers for migrants.

In September last year, Copenhagen appointed a migration ambassador to speed up the creation of one or more migrant camps outside the European Union as part of the new European asylum system, which it is advocating.

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