Covid taboo: 90 percent of ventilated patients in Germany have migration background

It is mainly migrants who are in the intensive care units in Germany as a result of the Corona crisis.

German daily Bild reported that the head of the Robert Koch Institute, Professor Lothar Wieler, recently had a conversation with a group of chief physicians. The subject of the discussion with doctor Thomas Voshaar, chief physician at the lung clinic at the Bethanien Hospital in Moers.

The doctor had compiled an internal evaluation of the months of November and December 2020 and the beginning of January 2021. This showed that over 90 percent of the intubated, seriously ill Corona patients in the intensive care units had a migration background. Internally, it was agreed to call these sick people “patients with a communication barrier”.

Wieler had already been aware of this problem. He responded: “I heard that too. But it’s a taboo. I tried to reach out to certain people. We must address this religious group through imams. The whole thing has huge implications for Berlin. That’s a real problem.”

Evidently, it is mainly Muslims who cannot be reached due to the “communication barrier” and the RKI boss has spilled the beans on this taboo subject.

In addition, Wieler spoke of parallel societies in Germany, with four million people who cannot be reached. The RKI boss literally stated: “And that’s crap”. Although this group makes up only 4,8 percent of the population in the country, it makes up 50 percent of the patients in the intensive care units.

Dr Thomas Voshaar has informed German Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn about this matter. “Everyone I spoke to, including Mr. Spahn, said: ‘OGottoGottoGott’ [Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God].”

As Bild learned from a government spokesman, Spahn did not find it necessary to pass this information on to the Chancellery. As a result, these patients were never an issue at the Chancellor’s Corona summits with the country’s health and political leaders. “OGottoGottoGott”, appears to have been the only political answer to this pressing problem.

This begs the question of lockdowns being exclusively designed because of the “patients with a communication barrier”?

One must bear in mind that the compulsory Corona measures are ostensibly imposed to avoid overloading the intensive care units. And now we are learning by the way that it is predominantly migrants who are admitted because of the pandemic, because the state is not in a position to make it clear to them how to behave. Instead they call it a “communication barrier” euphemistically. The better expression would be: “A resounding failed integration policy”.

Meanwhile Germans are locked up, businesses go bankrupt and senior citizens die of loneliness in old people’s homes.

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