In Germany, migrants are now increasingly attacking the homeless and the crippled

They used kicks and sticks to drive him out of his tent and set it on fire: A homeless man was brutally attacked by youths in a Britz park in Berlin. After the attack, the three perpetrators set fire to his belongings and the tent of another victim!

The attack happened around 8 p.m. in a green area on Gutschmidtstraße behind the Britz-Süd underground station. The 59-year-old Latvian was first kicked out of his tent and then beaten with sticks. He then fled the scene.

When he returned to his tent some time later, it was ablaze. The fire brigade, which had been alerted in the meantime, was able to put it out, but all that remained of the victim’s belongings were a few charred remains.

The man was injured but did not want to be taken to hospital. The police are investigating for dangerous bodily harm and damage to property, but rule out a right-wing extremist background. The perpetrators are described as being of Mediterranean descent.

Only two hours later, they set fire to the next dwelling of a homeless man behind the underground station. Again the fire brigade was called in. At least the man (49) escaped the blows of the attackers. He was not present when his tent was set on fire.

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