Did the Afghan who committed a bloodbath in the refugee home only come to Germany because he knew that he would not face the death penalty for his deed there?

Using a knife, a 30-year-old man caused a real bloodbath in a refugee home in Augsburg in April last year. The public prosecutor’s office wants the highest possible sentence, the defence lawyer has a different opinion.The prosecution called for the 30-year-old to be sentenced to life imprisonment for murder. In addition, the public prosecutor demanded a judgement of particularly serious guilt in the trial before the Augsburg Regional Court on Monday, so that the prison sentence could probably not be suspended after only 15 years.

The accused, an Afghan national, had made a partial confession in the trial and admitted to having cut the neck of his 15-year-old brother-in-law.

The man had also injured four other relatives of his wife, who had separated before the crime, with the knife.

However, the accused testified that he had been attacked by the youth.

In his plea, the defence lawyer therefore considered the killing of the 15-year-old as self-defence.

The other offences were to be considered as dangerous bodily harm, there was no intent to kill. The defendant’s lawyer did not demand a particular sentence. The court will give its ruling on March the 2nd.

According to prosecutor Michael Nißl, the accused abused his wife for a decade and treated her like a serf. When the wife separated, he took revenge on his ex-partner’s family.

According to the prosecutor, the man, who had lived in Iran for a long time, in fact came to Germany solely because here only a prison sentence of 10 to 15 years might face him instead of a death sentence. Nißl attested to the man’s “inhuman callousness”.Initially, the 30-year-old was charged with murder and four counts of attempted murder. After the main hearing, however, the prosecutor assessed the knife attacks on the wife’s family members only as murder, attempted murder, attempted manslaughter and in two cases as dangerous bodily harm.


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