Arab clan members in Berlin alleged to have procured war weapons

In Berlin, politics and police are reacting to new challenges posed by organised crime ( OK). While Neukölln’s district mayor Martin Hikel ( Social Democratic Party) is calling for a central office to be set up for confiscated real estate, investigators are currently investigating evidence of automatic firearms in the clan milieu, according to information from the newspaper Tagesspiegel.

In addition, the perpetrators of the spectacular robbery on Kurfürstendamm are being wanted: Four masked gunmen robbed the cash transport of a bank there on Friday. A burnt-out getaway car was found in the Berlin district of Schöneberg after the crime.

Regardless of the Ku’damm bank robbery, there is currently much evidence that individual submachine guns, which are subject to the War Weapons Control Act, were bought by the clan, said an official. Possibly, known clan criminals had purchased them in order to prepare for clashes with gangs from Chechnya.

Only on Thursday, 500 police officers – among them elite forces of the GSG 9 – searched 22 locations in Berlin and the surrounding area. Two men aged 22 and 44 were arrested, objects worth 300,000 euros were confiscated.The large-scale raid was targeted, among others, at the Remmo clan, which is known beyond Berlin and whose members were involved in fights with Chechen families in the summer of 2020. They are being investigated for violence, weapons and narcotics offences.In view of the wealth that clans could accumulate, Neukölln’s district mayor Hikel calls for a central agency to deal with confiscated real estate. The occasion is the current debate between the district office, the senate and the public about the villa in the Berlin district of Neukölln seized from the Remmo clan.

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