Germany: Syrian refugee slaughters two patients in psychiatric hospital

The mainstream media consistently report in a concealed manner on the brutal double murder committed by a 21-year-old guest of Merkel in Lüneburg in the early hours of the morning on ( halal) Friday: At the psychiatric clinic “Am Wienebütteler Weg”, first a 54-year-old patient was massacred by another “patient” at around 2:10 am.

According to initial police findings, the young man killed the 54-year-old by ” violent impact on the neck”, usually an investigator’s euphemism for the slaughter of a victim. The perpetrator injured another 56-year-old fellow patient in his ward so severely that he later died in hospital. A 61-year-old female nurse was seriously injured by the ” refugee”. The perpetrator also threw objects at the emergency services and injured another 42-year-old female nurse and a police officer.Several police officers were deployed to subdue and restrain the perpetrator.The officers had to use pepper spray against the guest of the ruling parties and as well of the German taxpayer.According to the hospital, the escalation of violence occurred “out of the blue” at around 2:10 a.m. in a ward of the adult psychiatric hospital. Senior public prosecutor Jan Christoph Hillmer: “The 56-year-old died due to blunt force to the head, the 54-year-old due to force to the neck.” Senior prosecutor Hillmer sums up, “He has not admitted to the charge of the crime.” According to the public prosecutor’s office, however, the Syrian had already been charged with assault and threatening behaviour. According to the public prosecutor’s office, it is “completely unclear” why the refugee suddenly killed two people on a Friday.The 21-year-old Syrian lived in a small town in the district of Lüneburg at public expense until the crime. He had only been admitted to the psychiatric ward on Thursday. There were no indications of danger to others or to a self-endangerment. Spokesperson Angela Wilhelm: “The patient had come voluntarily for inpatient treatment. At night, there was an escalation of violence without any foreshadowing.”

This is the second case of a large-scale police operation at the psychiatric hospital in Lüneburg that has become public knowledge within four months. In mid-November, the police arrested two perpetrators who had escaped from the psychiatric hospital’s forensic psychiatric unit. The two men, aged 29 and 36, had threatened a staff member in the kitchen with a knife in November and “fled”. Initial search measures were unsuccessful, so that targeted search measures were initiated. The ” fugitive” men, who had been in the Lüneburg prison for a number of robbery offences, were later brought back to the more or less open prison.

The weekly magazine Der Spiegel reports on the double murder under the heading “Panorama”, but conceals any details from its few remaining readers – also a case for the loony bin!

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