ISIS returnees raise questions in Germany

A request from the German Greens parliamentary group to the federal government has raised the issue of “ISIS returnees” to Europe once again.

As the answer from the federal government shows, the Federal Criminal Police Office is aware of 148 people who had joined ISIS, fought in the former territory of this terrorist organization in the Middle East and are now living in Germany again. The vast majority of them are still dangerous, as they are believed to have committed “serious, politically motivated crimes”.

Most recently, 42 of the returnees were detained for crimes related to their emigration to Syria or Iraq. Some of them will be released in the near future. This means a lot of work for German law enforcement as they have to be constantly monitored.

The knife murder in Dresden in October 2020 showed what the so-called “de-radicalization measures” in which some of these prisoners were taking part, really amounted to. The alleged perpetrator who killed a tourist from the Rhineland was a threat who had taken part in a deradicalization program in prison.

But that’s not all, because 71 German nationals and 30 foreigners from Germany who are suspected ISIS terrorists in northern Syria and imprisoned, are currently waiting to be admitted to Germany.

According to its own statements, the federal government has so far brought three German women and twelve children back to Germany from custody – seven of them orphans. These retrievals were fought in eight legal proceedings against the federal government. Another nine proceedings were in favour of Germany, while four more are still pending.

In December, the Foreign Office announced that it was working flat out to enable especially German children to leave the northeast of Syria. The dpa (German Press Agency) thus reported: “A particularly large number of supporters and former supporters of ISIS live in the Al-Hol refugee camp in Syria. Fanatics – including women – kill people who think differently there time and again. In 2020, the federal government declared that the ISIS ideology was being passed on to minors there in particular by foreign ISIS supporters in organized teaching groups.”

In addition, according to the dpa , the minors were radicalized by their mothers.

The security of the population in Germany is being jeopardized almost deliberately. Ordinary good people are currently discouraged from entering Germany “because of Corona” but at the same time, potential future threats are being brought into the country as a result of a focused media campaign.

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