Austrian top politician complains that “lockdowns” always end on time for Muslim feasts – Is there a “Corona conspiracy” against Christian festivals?

Is the corona virus being used to deliberately undermine Christian festivals and thus abolish Western culture? This assumption was recently made by the news portal JouWatch. According to it, Christian holidays such as Easter, Pentecost, All Saints’ Day and Christmas have basically been cancelled.

In addition, church visits were cancelled and so were cemetery visits. “The situation is different for Muslims,” JouWatch reported, citing the portal Unser Mitteleuropa. Because “shortly before their holidays, the strict Corona rules – including lockdowns – are coincidentally ‘suddenly’ lifted. This was the case last year for Ramadan in April, when the lockdown was eased ten days before it began, and also for the Feast of Sacrifice in August.” The author anticipates that it will be the same procedure this year.

Because apparently the “lockdowns” are to last until Easter, so that the Easter holiday for the Germans and Austrians will once again be cancelled. “I am in favour of speaking out truths. Unfortunately, there can be no Easter holidays in Germany this year,” said the Prime Minister of Saxony, Michael Kretschmer ( Christian Democratic Union, CDU), according to

Is this all just coincidence? Well, anyone who looks at how Muslims in Germany ignore the ban on contact, with the consequence being clarifying talks at best, and how protesters against the Corona policy in the Netherlands are being combated with the support of the established media, will start to wonder. Add to this the fact that the JouWatch theory is virtually confirmed by quoting the Austrian Freedom Party Secretary General Michael Schnedlitz.

Similar to last year, Chancellor Kurz is caving in to Islam. By then our country will be ruined. The extra weeks will be the death of many businesses – especially in the gastronomy sector. But apparently the chancellor cares more about breaking of the Muslim fasting than about our entire economy.

Earlier, the Freedom Party still stated:

The Austrian People’s Party (ÖVP) and the Greens are planning to extend the “lockdown” until Ramadan. Making the duration of the lockdown dependent on Ramadan has no basis or evidence. An end to the lockdown must be checked every ten days and must not be influenced by the breaking of the fasting.

Whether it is actually a deliberate conspiracy against the Christian holidays and thus against Christianity is difficult to say. But the fact is that it is a strange coincidence how consideration is given to the Mohammedans and their feelings, while the wishes of the Christians in Germany and Austria are obviously worth as little as those of the restaurateurs.

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