German politician warns that 50% of Covid patients come from the Arab region

Our tweet of the day was posted by the politician Erika Steinbach. She tweets: “I have heard credibly from various sources that 50% of the covid patients in hospitals originate from the Arab region. This has not been an issue for the media so far. Would be a delightful assignment for our so busy network journalists. But they certainly refuse to do it.”

A commentator adds: Anders Tegnell in Sweden also points to the excessive spread or deaths of the virus by migrants.

Of course, there were the usual agitated people who immediately shouted out ” racism!”. And immediately doubted the statement.

It is clear that we see nothing about this in the FAZ, ARD or “Spiegel” newspapers. The foreign press seems to be more courageous. In November of last year, the newspaper “Die Presse” ran the headline “Viennese hospital doctor: 60 percent of our intensive care patients have a migration background” with regard to the new Covid infections.

The reason given for this is the lack of integration, which not infrequently causes people not to abide by applicable rules. An experience that many of the people who use public transport in Germany have. Almost every day we receive reports that whole groups of young people with a migration background, but without face masks, have been encountered in the underground railway. Security services and police tend to overlook this in order to avoid escalation.

A similarly sinister situation is offered by “oriental-Islamic” weddings and funerals, which – often without the state intervening – become veritable “corona clusters”.

Similar statements also appear in the Swiss press. There, the Covid cases are based on figures of 60-65 % hospitalised people with a migration background.

The figures quoted by Steinbach, which have caused so much uproar on Twitter and led to vicious insults against the politician, are obviously quite realistic.

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