Anger at the renewed attempt by the German public broadcaster ARD to blame Germans for violent crimes committed by migrants with the use of its crime series “Tatort”

Once again, reality is distorted by the German public broadcaster ARD and perpetrators are made into victims, especially if they are Muslims.This proganda is particularly pushy in the ARD crime series “Tatort”, which is always broadcast on Sundays at 8:15 pm.

The plot of the detective story broacasted yesterday:

In recent years, the topic has been present again and again in a frightening way: violence against rescue workers. Yesterday’s “Tatort: Rettung so nah” (Tatort: Rescue so close) was also dedicated to the problem. During a mission, paramedic Tarik Wasir is killed in the ambulance. Even Greta Blaschke can no longer help him – her colleague was suffocated with a plastic bag.

This new attempt to turn perpetrators into victims causes anger among the TV viewers. Here are a few comments:

As usual, a Syrian refugee is murdered as part of the plot. For years, these horrific racist and right-wing extremist crimes have always taken place on Sundays at 8.15 pm. Broadcast on ARD. It is high time to stop this sinister activity and to ban ARD for crimes against humanity. (Manfred Lehmann on FB)

And journalist Anabel Schunke comments on this detective film:

The reality:
Rescue workers are increasingly being attacked. Mostly by people with a migration background.
What the Tatort makes of it:
The murdered paramedic is a Syrian refugee who studied medicine.
The perpetrator has not yet been identified. But he is probably a German Nazi.

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