Germany: Iraqi brutally murders gay man and claims that scabies was to blame for his crime

The charge is murder with intent to cover up and cruelty! According to the prosecution, on July 7, 2020, Iraqi Husam A. (33) killed linguistics student Gabriel V. (†35) in his flat in the Neckarstadt district of Mannheim because the latter did not want to let the homeless man stay overnight (the tabloid BILD reported).

At the start of the trial before the Regional Court on Thursday, he blurted out this bizarre confession: “Scabies is to blame for my crime!His defence lawyer Steffen Kling then threw his hands in the air, was visibly annoyed, grabbed his client by the arm and said to the judge: “That’s enough! We’re not saying one more word.” His defence strategy is probably ruined…

Earlier, Husam A. had entered courtroom 5 with his head bowed and in handcuffs.

Senior Public Prosecutor Dr. Jeanette Zipperer on the night student Gabriel V. died: “The accused grabbed an unopened champagne bottle, hit the victim’s head several times, then waited without any emotion and hit the injured party again to prolong his suffering and agony.”According to Dr. Zipperer: “After the victim was lying on the ground with his skull open, the accused pulled down his shorts in order to direct suspicion towards homosexual men. It didn’t help: a shoe print at the scene of the crime lead to A.’s conviction shortly afterwards.Actually, the Iraqi (single) did not want to comment on the crime in court. But when questioned about his biography, this faux pas happened: Husam A. ( who has been in Germany since 2016) told about his heavy alcohol and drug consumption, that he had lost all his friends because of it and that he was still suffering from an infectious skin disease.

In this context, the fatal sentence was also uttered: “Scabies is to blame for what I did!”

The trial continues.,view=amp.bildMobile.html

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