So, here we go again: Facebook deletes a post of mine

And here is the wording of my post:

Criminal Arab clan bigwig receives 27th permit to stay in Germany

A prominent member of the notorious Miri clan can probably stay in Germany for the time being. Ahmad A., who has been convicted many times, received at the end of last year a renewed permit to remain in Germany, which is now his 27th. According to confidential documents of the Berlin Foreigners’ Registration Office, the certificate of suspended deportation is valid for one and a half years.The alleged 39-year-old man arrived in the country from Lebanon with his parents in 1989. His asylum application was rejected in 1992. Due to the lack of passports, the family could not be deported. Already as a youth, A. was known to the police for robbery, extortion, theft and bodily harm. In the meantime, 22 criminal records have been added to the Federal Central Register. A. is said to have close contacts to the Berlin gangsta rap scene. Only in September did a judgement against A. become final. The local court in Berlin sentenced him to two years and three months in prison for dangerous bodily harm and violation of the weapons law.The offender, who calls himself Ahmad “Patron” Miri in public, has claimed to be from Syria for several years. A second asylum application was rejected. The ban on deportations to Syria, which had been in place since 2012, expired at the end of December. However, transfers to the country are still hardly possible. Ahmad A.’s lawyer did not answer a request by the weekly SPIEGEL about his client’s asylum status.

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