Iranian diplomat convicted – STOP THE BOMB demands: Close Iranian Embassies!

An Iranian diplomat has been sentenced to 20 years in jail by a Belgian court for masteminding a bomb attack targeting a meeting of 25,000 opposition exiles. Assadollah Assadi was attached to the Iranian mission in Vienna/Austria when he supplied explosives for the planned attack. The STOP THE BOMB campaign calls for decisive consequences from the German federal government and the EU.

Spokeswoman Ulrike Becker explains: “We are calling for the closure of all institutions that are connected to the Iranian state in Germany and the EU. The trial and the verdict show that the Iranian regime is persecuting opposition members with terror – not only at home but also abroad and that the regime has no respect for diplomatic customs or rules-based order. The process shows that Assadi was particularly active in Germany. The federal government is responsible for protecting everyone who lives here. The closure of the Iranian embassies is urgently needed to prevent further terrorist attacks. The verdict demonstrates that Iranian embassies are not places of diplomacy, but planning centers for terrorist activities.”

The scientific director of STOP THE BOMB Austria, Stephan Grigat, demands: “It is high time to close the Iranian terror embassy in Vienna. Why should Austria maintain diplomatic relations with a regime that uses its mission and staff in Vienna to conduct terrorist attacks in Europe?”Assadi was registered as the third counselor at the Iranian embassy in Vienna. A note from Belgium’s intelligence and security agency identified Mr. Assadi as an officer of Iran’s intelligence and security ministry who operated undercover at the Iranian Embassy in Vienna, according to The Associated Press. Under the protection of diplomatic immunity, he was the operational commander and planned the attack on a gathering of exiled Iranian opposition members of the National Council of Resistance (NCRI). Assadi belonged to the “Directorate for Internal Security” of the Iranian domestic and foreign intelligence service Ministry of Intelligence (MOIS). After the failed attempt, he was arrested in Germany and extradited to Belgium. According to a report by WELT, security authorities have no doubt that the decision to commit the attack was made at the highest level of the Iranian leadership, the National Security Council and revolutionary leader Ali Khamenei. [1]

On February 2, 40 members of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe called for the expulsion of regime agents and the closure of Iranian institutions promoting the terrorist agenda of the Islamic Republic. [2]

Assadi’s notebook proves that he was particularly active in Germany. [3]

[2], -members-of-parliamentary-assembly-of-the-council-of-europe-call-for-revision-of-iran-policy /

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