Germany: Epileptic robbed during a seizure – Two North Africans arrested

Instead of providing assistance, two men took advantage of the helplessness of a 33-year-old man from Rheda-Wiedenbrück at Bielefeld main station and stole his mobile phone.

On Wednesday evening ( February 3), the man fell on a staircase due to an epileptic seizure and fell down some stairs. After recovering from the seizure, the man noticed that he had lost his mobile phone and went to the police station in Bielefeld about 30 minutes later.

After a first review of the footage taken by the surveillance cameras, the officers found out that two men had noticed the fall and went to the man who had fallen. One of them bent down, picked up something and ran towards platform 8. The second man followed him and was handed a mobile phone on the staircase to platform 8, which he put in his jacket pocket.

On Thursday afternoon (4 February), officers of the Federal Police first recognised one of the two men during a police patrol in front of Bielefeld Central Station.

While the latter did not comment on the course of events, the second suspect, who was spotted at Bielefeld main station on Friday night, immediately confessed that he had already sold the mobile phone for 40 euros. After their personal details had been established, the men, a 46-year-old Moroccan and a 50-year-old Algerian living in Bielefeld, were released from the Federal Police station. They will have to answer to the court for the particularly serious case of theft.

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