Contact and distance violations that no one in Germany cares about: 500 praying Muslims in Düren mosque despite Corona

While the German chancellor had the cheek to indirectly blame the Germans for the Corona state of emergency last night on public broadcaster ARD (by emphasising that they themselves had the power to reduce the number of infections by following the rules), one community in particular is persistently not complying with the measures: Muslim parallel societies, whose growth since 2015 has been almost one of Merkel’s greatest intentions as now the lockdown barracking of her own population.Most ethnic Germans have been slavishly following the rules for months. They dutifully denounce each other, snap at each other in everyday life if their masks are not in place or if they don’t keep their distance, report suspicious gatherings of vehicles in front of houses and wear their masks all by themselves in the middle of nowhere. So one wonders where the many ignoramuses and rule-breakers are who are supposedly to blame for the fact that the “incidence figures” are not falling.After, what a miracle, practically all the much-maligned “wedding celebrations” of the last few months turned out to be celebrated by the Turkish, Kurdish or Arab milieu, just like the “gatherings of extended families” or the legendary clan funerals, the super-spreaders’ events have recently become more frequent.For example, as has only now become known, on January the 8th, an incredible 500 people prayed in a mosque in Düren, North Rhine-Westphalia – together and in a very confined space, partly disregarding distance rules. A gathering of this size is currently prohibited. According to the internet portal “t-online”, the organiser only “possibly” has to expect consequences; presumably the administration does not want to expose itself to accusations of Islamophobia.If it happened in the case of a German football club, the scandal would already be outrageous. It took almost a month for the incident to become known at all – while the national outrage over a handful of Thuringian carnival jesters who had organised a private parade was huge.By the way, the event in the Fatih Mosque in Düren was only busted because “residents” – and thus again members of the part of the population that Merkel blames for the crisis of control – had “informed” the public order office. The maximum number of people allowed into the mosque – which, by the way, is indirectly controlled by the Turkish state through the Diyanet cultural association – was 150 at a time. But instead of taking tough police measures, the city of Düren “started talks with the person in charge of the mosque”. There, the authorities were promised that from now on “the rules would be respected. Well done!

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