Berlin Imam demands: Women must stay locked in their homes

During a Friday sermon at the Al-Nur Mosque in Berlin, Sheikh Abdel Moez Al-Eila, who calls himself a “local imam”, stated that women should remain locked in their homes.

In the course of the same sermon, Al-Eila also said that a woman cannot refuse to have sexual relations with her husband.

Below are some excerpts:

“Most marital problems hinge on this: “When I married her, she was beautiful and thin. She always said nice things. Now she is full of fat and bones and has a gloomy face. When I look at her, she reminds me – Allah have mercy on me – of Satan! Some men say, “My wife doesn’t have the beauty of the women I see on TV.” Women on television wriggle like snakes.


On TV you can see a woman performing naked – her breast, her neck, her arms and even her thighs. She is naked. She squirms and uses vulgar language. A man immediately thinks: That’s my kind of woman! God forbid! But what do you want from this woman? Do you like the way she moves?! What do you like about her? You can go and look for such a woman. There are many stories about them.


Furthermore, a woman must not refuse to have sex with her husband. She must not make excuses or use pretexts. Prophet Muhammad said that if a man calls his wife to bed and she refuses … “Come here! I want you!” But she refuses and falls asleep … The angels will curse her until she wakes up. If a woman goes to sleep outside her husband’s bed, the angels will curse her until she wakes up.

A wife is not allowed to say “no” under any pretext. Even if a woman has her menstrual period, there is nothing to stop her husband from using her body for pleasure as long as he avoids her vagina… She puts a thong over her vagina and he can go and enjoy her body.

Aisha said that Prophet Muhammad would put a thong over her vagina and then use the rest of her body for pleasure. How does a man get pleasure from his menstruating wife? Well, he has the whole body except the vagina and the anus. That is permissible (halal).”

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