“I am not the devil, she is the devil. I am Adam. She is Eve, she is just a woman. Inshallah” – Afghan stabbed his German girlfriend to death in front of her eight-month-old daughter

Tatjana S. (†20) was almost still a child herself when she met the Afghan dishwasher Shaeiq S. (28) in 2015 – five years later he stabbed her to death in front of her daughter, who was only eight months old, at a snack bar in Plattling (Bavaria)!

Since Monday, the refugee, who had been living in Germany since 2013 and was still waiting for his asylum application to be recognised, has been standing trial for murder in the Deggendorf Regional Court.

“I asked Tatjana if she had cheated on me,” Shaeiq S. described the crime of August 6, 2020. “She said yes, with several guys, that’s when I completely lost control.”According to prosecutor Stefan Brunner, the accused had threatened his wife, who he married according to Islamic law, the night before by text message: “Shame on you, bitch” or “Allah is punishing you, Inshallah!”

When Tatjana S. came to the snack bar with her daughter in the car at around 8 p.m., Shaeiq S. blocked the door. The prosecutor: “Aware that he was not entitled to impose an inhuman death sentence on his own authority, he stabbed her with a kitchen knife.”Because the knife became deformed, Tatjana S. was still able to flee into her car, but was caught up again by her husband. With another santoku knife (Japanese all-purpose knife, editor’s note) he completed his cruel work – in total Tatjana S. suffered 18 stabs in the body.

Saying “She fucked with another guy”, he then ran to the other side of the car, took the daughter out of the MaxiCosi with the knife in his hand and ran away.

According to the prosecution, he shouted: “I am not the devil, she is the devil. I am Adam. She is Eve, she is just a woman.”

Police officers called by witnesses were able to take the daughter from him and arrest him.

At the start of the trial, the man with a criminal record could no longer explain the insane act: “No normal person does something like that, but when I drink, I don’t know myself”.

He is said to have consumed several whisky colas on the day of the crime. He does not know how the knife got into his hand. Tatjana had become a part of him: “I lost a part of my body,” he lamented.

According to the investigations, Tatjana S. wanted to separate from the father of her child because of his drunkenness and constant jealousy and sell the jointly run “Shakas Snack Bar”.

Shaeiq S. admitted that he doubted his paternity and wanted a divorce. “I had a stain on my heart. But for it to come to this, it was not planned.”

Six more days of hearings are scheduled until March the 12th. Shaeiq S. faces life imprisonment and a finding of special gravity of guilt, which would rule out early release from prison after 15 years.


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