Facebook censors my post covering infiltration of political parties in Germany by Turkish Islamists

Screenshot FB

My post on the infiltration of the political parties in Germany by Turkish right-wing radicals and Islamists allegedly violates community standards. With this, Facebook is clearly taking sides with Islamists.

The following is the wording of the post in question:

German government reports influence of Turkish right-wing extremists and Islamists on political parties – activities mainly in local politics

According to the federal government, Turkish right-wing extremists are trying to influence public and political opinion in Germany.

This is stated in the response to a parliamentary question of the Free Democratic Party (FDP), quoted by the newspaper “Die Welt”. Particularly in local politics, parts of the Turkish right-wing extremist scene are trying to occupy established intercultural dialogue formats, it says. According to the report, the federal government has knowledge about the candidacy of such persons in local and integration council elections.In November, the Bundestag had called for a ban on ” Grey Wolves” to be considered. However, according to media reports, experts currently consider the legal hurdles to be too high.Furthermore, according to the newspaper “Die Welt”, the German government classifies the Foundation for Political, Economic and Social Research ( SETA ) as part of the Turkish ruling party AKP. SETA has run an agency in Berlin since 2017. The Milli Görüs movement also tries to function as a contact for politics and society. Via the “Islamrat für die Bundesrepublik Deutschland” (Islam Council for the Federal Republic of Germany), which it dominates, it is indirectly represented in the German Islam Conference.


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