Facebook to delete German human rights activist engaged in the fight against Islamists

Once again, “Facebook” is in court because it deletes posts rigidly. FB user Tobias Huch (39) is fighting back against this and took “Facebook Ireland Limited” to the regional court on Thursday.

Huch is a renowned human rights activist, journalist and book author. He informs people about the dangers of IS and volunteers in humanitarian aid for Kurdish refugees.But this human rights activist, of all people, accuses Facebook of supporting IS on its Instagram service: They deleted four posts with photos showing, among others, armed men. Huch was publishing his work as a war correspondent, and Facebook threatened to block his Instagram account! Reason: “Your post violated our community standards.”Huch: “Unbelievable that they claim I would support the IS.” The judge: “The photos are at least ambiguous. Political insiders know what you want to show. Others see in the footage only a terrorist organisation. Armed men cheering. At first glance you don’t see what is meant.”Facebook’s censorship is unacceptable to lawyer Joachim Steinhöfel (58), who represents Huch in court and is paid by the donor-financed fund “Freedom of Expression on the Net”: “It’s terrible what that would mean for freedom of expression and freedom of the press if the deletion were to be upheld!”

He wants to enforce stricter rules for Facebook and applied for an injunction. His demand in it: The photos should be shown again and deleting them again should be prohibited.

The court decided to adjourn and announce its decision on February the 18th.


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