3-Year-Old Girl Cured of White Privilege

Victoria Rose Smith has been permanently cured of her white privilege.

From Simpsonville, South Carolina:

A woman who criticized “white privilege” on social media was charged with the child abuse murder of her 3-year-old foster child, who was white. …

Police allege that Ariel Robinson, 29, and her husband, Jerry Robinson, 34, inflicted a “series of blunt force injuries” on their adopted child, Victoria Rose Smith.

Ariel Robinson had already achieved an initial 15 minutes of fame.

Ariel Robinson is best known for winning Season 20 of the Food Network show, “Worst Cooks in America” in August 2020.

If they had a show called Worst Foster Mothers in America, she would be a cinch to win that too.

She was also a local comedian and aspiring television personality who posted a large amount on content on social media to seek a following.

Among those posts were entries decrying “white privilege” while talking about her three adopted children, all of whom were white.

Her social media activities entailed use of the hash tags #whiteprivilege and #blacklivesmatter.

According to liberal ideology, Victoria Rose Smith, who never had a chance, was a villain because she enjoyed white privilege. All white people do; that’s why all white people are born with original sin and deserve to be systematically discriminated against in the name of equity.

This is what “racial justice” looks like:


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