Austria: Muslim asylum seekers simulate an execution for a video shoot – For the Viennese public prosecutor’s office it is just a silly prank

Screenshot: Gottfried Waldhäusl

This caused quite a stir: In November, only one day after the Vienna terror, underage asylum seekers simulated a brutal execution for a video in the Pottendorfer Castle Park (Lower Austria). However, the Office for the Protection of the Constitution and the Public Prosecutor’s Office in the Vienna district of Neustadt cannot see any terrorist background in it. In their opinion, it was only a ” deplorable prank”.

Of all people, the Social Democratic Party (SPÖ) mayor Thomas Sabbata-Valteiner witnessed the horrific scenes that briefly turned Pottendorf Castle Park into a scene of execution in November. For video recordings, four underage asylum seekers forced another on his knees, threatened him with “headshot” gestures and all that in the middle of the Pottendorf Castle Park. The head of the village immediately filed a complaint.

Now it turns out that the investigation has been completed. A terrorist background could definitely be ruled out, according to the public prosecutor’s office. Therefore, no criminal offence has been committed. For them, it was a ” deplorable prank”. The asylum seekers themselves are said to have explained to the director of their asylum centre that the incident was a way of living out their culture. In their culture, it is perfectly normal for execution videos to be filmed.

People are familiar with the scenes of Islamist execution videos. While their victims kneel on the ground, the Islamists pose in combat suits with weapons upright behind them. Then they shoot their victims in cold blood “for Allah”.

These are scenes from a real IS execution video:

Back in 2018, a staged IS execution video caused a stir. Back then, children in Libya reenacted an IS execution. The “victims” kneel on the ground, behind them a child poses with what appears to be a weapon.

For the public and for Russia Today, there was no question that it was a re-enacted IS execution video:

The Pottendorf execution video of the young asylum seekers definitely has nothing to do with terror, according to the Wiener Neustadt public prosecutor’s office. The Office for the Protection of the Constitution had not been able to establish a terrorist background.

For the public prosecutor’s office, this is a ” deplorable prank”:

Screenshot: Gottfried Waldhäusl

For Freedom Party leader Norbert Hofer, on the other hand, the matter is quite clear. He explains: “Austria must not tolerate such a development. Today’s amateur actors are tomorrow’s dangerous people. If young people are so attached to their cultural achievements like executions, then they should be asked to return to their homeland. Such world views are not compatible with the culture of our homeland Austria.”

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