Austria: Muslim guardians of public morals gang threatened children with beheading

The notorious Gang of Guardians of Public Morals of devoutly Muslim Chechens is not likely to shy away from brutal extortion for protection money. For example, a father of two in Vienna was threatened to have his sons beheaded – police protection for the family and the handcuffing of four young suspects were the result!

The Caucasus gang – among them mostly recognised or tolerated war refugees – had already made the headlines several times in the federal capital and Linz. Compatriots’ wives always had to wear headscarves. And if they appeared too “western” or if their values did not correspond (photos in swimwear or meetings with non-Chechen men were sufficient), the victims, but also their families, were severely threatened and persecuted.

The guardians of public morals kept “files” on hundreds of women in secret chat logs. Beatings were also recorded on mobile phones. Finally, last summer, the investigators caught more than ten suspects.

Now, blackmail has apparently been added to the list of crimes including arms dealing, deprivation of liberty, grievous bodily harm, car theft and burglary. Four young Chechens aged 21 to 25, who are apparently part of the large group, are said to have put a father in Vienna in mortal fear via WhatsApp.

They knew where to find him, where he was employed, where his family lived and where his two children went to school. If he did not pay 5,000 euros, they would “take the head off your sons”, according to the grim message in poor German.

The blackmailers were also cheeky enough to pretend to be protectors (“solve the problem”) and demand money again. While the threatened family was under police protection, the gang was arrested by the police.

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