Ongoing killings of women committed by men from the Islamic culture in Germany: Arab stabs 19-year-old girl in her car to death

In the case of the murdered 19-year-old girl Jana D., the district court of Lüneburg has issued a warrant for the arrest of the victim’s boyfriend, Fares A., for murder. “It is true that the accused and the victim had a relationship,” a spokeswoman told the tabloid Bild. Friends close to the victim told the newspaper that the young woman and the suspect had been a couple since 2019.

The suspected murderer did not comment on the accusation or a possible motive to the arresting judge. The victim’s father had found the body in a car near the Lower Saxon city of Lüneburg on Tuesday morning, police said. She had been stabbed to death. Shortly afterwards, the suspect, also 19 years old, had been arrested.

In mid-January, the murder of a 20-year-old girl in Hamburg had raised public awareness. The police arrested a refugee from Libya. According to the tabloid Bild, the 22-year-old man had previously harassed his victim and had already been expelled from his home because of it. The asylum seeker had arrived in Germany in 2016. However, he had only been granted a toleration and would have had to leave the country by April the 6th of this year.

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