WATCH: Now on Gran Canaria the so-called refugees from North Africa are even attacking the tourists

They came to the Canary Islands as “protection seekers” and behave like bulls in a china shop. In the tourist communities of Mogán and San Bartolomé de Tirajana on Gran Canaria, hardly a day goes by without reports of vandalism, burglaries, thefts, fights or robberies committed by young Moroccan migrants.Apartment complexes have to enforce the protection of their tenants and gates have to be kept locked already during the day. Such a thing has never happened before. For a long time, the problem was denied by some local politicians, but now the violence has reached the communities. Citizens are afraid and feel abandoned by the state. Because of yesterday’s brawl in the Plaza del Hierro in San Fernando de Maspalomas, a meeting is being held today with Mayor Conchi Narváez and the government delegation. Various police chiefs will also take part in this meeting.After the brawl, the North Africans then moved towards the Centro Comercial Anexo II in Playa del Inglés where there were further attacks on tourists.

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