Is Antifa advertising for rioters for Jan. 20?

By Monica Showalter

Independent journalist Andy Ngo posted an appalling group of rioter recruiting posters, purportedly from Antifa.

Assuming some or all of these grotesque posters are correct, it sounds like Antifa is recruiting rioters, for creating mayhem in several state capitols, such as Sacramento and Colorado. This twitterer here notes that Antifa is advertising some of them on Twitter without sanction.

The posters depict sinister ski-masked creatures in shadow dancing around a bonfire circle while a little old Monopoly man figure is beaten and bruised and tied to the stake. They depict a burning police car, and multiple soup cans hurled at a state capitol, some bearing hammers and sickle.

It’s ironic, as it comes at a time when the press is all riled up about purportedly dangerous Trump supporters who are supposedly sure to try to shut the Biden inaugural down. As Andrea Widburg noted here, the calls for Trump supporters to attend an armed march, in a poster with no sponsors, was a red flag and might have been a trap. 

These posters seem to be openly calling for riots and rioters, just as Democrats try to pin all opprobrium on Trump supporters. Where is the outrage?

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