Why Was Parler Censored by Its Competitors?

I’ve been a big fan of Medium, although I’ve learned quickly there are certain “publications” — essentially sub-blogs — that it’s best to avoid. Today I saw a piece published two days ago, The Moderation War Is Coming to Spotify, Substack, and Clubhouse, that addressed how Parler was censored and destroyed by Apple, Google, Twitter, Facebook, and Amazon, and then warned that Parler won’t be the last.

The given reason, of course, was people were saying violent things on Parler and all the biens pissants are, of course, shocked, shocked that this was “permitted.” 

It might be different if the double standard weren’t so glaring. As Amazon was canceling Parler’s hosting — in apparent violation of their contract — they were selling “Kill All Republicans” tee-shirts, and it turns out that while Twitter and Facebook were canceling Parler, the actual mob was coordinating on Twitter and Facebook.


Last year, before the election, Twitter and Facebook suppressed a mainstream newspaper for publishing the Hunter Biden story, as well as suspending hundreds of individuals’ accounts. Twitter eventually said it was a mistake weeks later and restored the New York Post account, and after the election, we found that the “Russian disinformation” story was a lie. But the damage was done and the story that might’ve turned the election went basically unpublicized, which Joe Concha at The Hill called “a dereliction of duty.”

Parler, Twitter’s free speech competitor, was pulled by both the Apple and Google app stores, removed from Twitter and Facebook, and had their hosting pulled by Amazon within 48 hours. It’s now clear that the LARPers in the mob actually planned their attack on Twitter and Facebook but the damage is done and it’s unlikely that Parler will survive this action. The CEO of Parler has had to go into hiding to make sure that he himself survives this action.

It’s worth noting that Amazon deplatformed Parler after members of Congress demanded it. That makes it a real First Amendment violation as well as a violation of the right to free speech which the First Amendment exists to protect.

So somehow competitors are being shut down in a coordinated fashion by effective monopolies with governmental support.

It’s quite an accomplishment. And now we have 20,000 National Guards occupying the capital, asking people for their papers to enter their own neighborhoods, for an inauguration the people can’t attend because 12-foot fences and razor wire deny them access.

I’ve seen this movie before. It was called Triumph des Willens, “The Triumph of the Will“.


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