Germany: Afghan stabbed 17-year-old teenager to death because he thought he had been videotaped against his will with a mobile phone

“Think of your mother, you can do this, keep awake!” Those were the last words Daniel M. could still address to his friend Milo P. (names of the injured parties changed). At that point Milo P.’s gaze was fixed, he collapsed on the street Herzog-Wilhelm-Straße, in the middle of the downtown area of Munich, in broad daylight, blood pouring from his wounds.Milo P. later died of his injuries despite emergency surgery and intensive medical treatment in hospital; he was just 17 years old. Now Amir U. is before the Second Criminal Chamber at the Munich I Regional Court, charged with murder. He is said to have interfered in a quarrel that arose out of a triviality on that afternoon in April 2019.They were in a good mood, had ” had some beer in the English Garden park and had a barbecue”, Daniel M. states in court. It was Good Friday 2019, the shops were all closed and to return the empty beer crate, Daniel, Milo and three other friends took the underground to Stachus to get to the Agip petrol station on the street Josephspitalstraße.On the way there, Milo recorded with his mobile phone out of his good mood. According to the indictment, Baryalei A., who was also walking with two girls on the street Herzog-Wilhelm-Straße, felt disturbed and feared that he was being videotaped. An argument broke out between the groups. “And the guy threw a drink can at Milo,” Daniel M. recounts. According to the prosecution, the verbal assaults were soon followed by physical attacks.Following the argument, Milo noticed that his mobile phone, which he was carrying in his pocket, had broken. “We discussed it in the group and then wanted to go to the guy and talk to him about the broken mobile phone,” Daniel M. said. Then Amir U., Baryalei A.’s best friend according to the indictment, stepped out of a ledge and asked Milo to “sort it out in the park together”. A scuffle then broke out between Milo and the other two. “I didn’t see a knife,” says Daniel M.. But when Milo turned to him, he was suddenly covered in blood all over his body and face. The prosecution writes in its indictment that Amir U. had severed an artery at the level of Milo P.’s collarbone with a stab, then U. allegedly stabbed the injured man several times in the leg.Daniel M. said that he was also attacked and felt blows on his legs. Then a passer-by shouted: “Fuck off, I’m calling the police”, whereupon the attackers disappeared. Only then did he realise that blood was running down his legs and that he was also injured. Milo and he sank to the ground. A friend of his covered Milo’s wounds with a T-shirt. Even today, the young man says, he can still remember the incident; now, at the beginning of the trial, almost every hour. Until now, he had believed he could make it without support. “But I have nightmares, insomnia, I have to seek professional help”.Amir U. wants to talk. The 23-year-old tells his side of the story. He claims that on the day of the crime he was on the phone with his mother in Afghanistan and found out that his father and brother had been killed months ago. Then he got drugs and alcohol and met his friend Baryalei at the Stachus. He told him about an argument over a video. Then he was approached by Milo P. and beaten by four youths.The presiding judge Norbert Riedmann reproaches U. with several inconsistencies, which the accused cannot explain either. After the crime, Amir U. says, he went to the Theresienwiese to play cricket with friends and changed his bloody clothes there. In the evening, some “boys” ambushed him in front of his flat, so he ran away to France. Three weeks after the crime, U. was arrested near Paris.

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