Can a Turkish rapist buy his way out of a German court?

He offered a student a part-time job as a dog trainer, then raped his unsuspecting victim. Now Serdal C., of Turkish origin, (40 years old) could get a lenient sentence for his serious crime. Can a rapist buy his way out of this?

August the 27th 2020: Serdal C. picks up Lisa B. at Kamen station by car. She had placed a small ad looking for a part-time job. Together they drive to a dog training ground in Lünen. The young woman is in good spirits and wants to earn a few euros. But things turn out differently.

Public prosecutor Uta Bayerl (53 years old) explains: “The defendant had the opinion that Lisa B. had bad sexual experiences. C. even lied to the psychology student that he was a psychologist himself and wanted to help her. Then the unforgivable happened: after Lisa B. confessed to him that she had been raped as a child, C. is said to have attacked the young woman.

The prosecutor: “He stood between her legs and pulled down her trousers.”

Now Serdal C. is hoping for a settlement in court, which in legalese is called a “plea bargain”.

His defence lawyer announced that his client was ready to confess to the crime and to pay compensation to his victim. The amount in question is 15,000 euros. In return, he would be granted two years’ probation.

The public prosecutor told the newspaper BILD: “For me, the solution would be satisfactory. At least Lisa B. would be spared having to testify in court. Verdict on January the 22nd.,view=amp.bildMobile.html

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