Muslim who threatened his female teacher in Berlin with beheading was enrolled by his parents at a Muslim school in Berlin

In mid-November 2020, an eleven-year-old Muslim pupil at the Christian Morgenstern primary school in the Berlin district of Spandau threatened his teacher with beheading, immediately after which the boy was on sick leave and has not shown up at school since (see the tweet above). Nor will he again.According to information from the daily Tagesspiegel, the eleven-year-old has been deregistered from the Morgenstern School by his parents and enrolled at a Turkish public school in Spandau. Karina Jehniche, the head of the Morgenstern primary school, did not respond to an enquiry by the Tagesspiegel on this matter.

It is now unclear whether and how the boy will receive psychological care. A psychologist at the Morgenstern primary school had been dealing with the boy and the question of whether he had only parroted the sentence and from whom he had heard it or whether he had picked up the mindset of Islamist violence to some extent.

The threat referred to the murder of the French teacher Samuel Paty, who had been beheaded by an 18-year-old Chechen because the teacher had shown Mohammed cartoons in class.At the Morgenstern School, it was agreed that a weekly meeting would take place between the school psychologist, the class teacher and the boy’s mother. If necessary, the eleven-year-old should also attend. In any case, the pupil was to have a compulsory one-to-one talk with the psychologist and a social worker from the school.

The mother now no longer has a compulsory connection to the school. The boy’s siblings were also at the Morgenstern School, but have left the school earlier.

In a telephone conversation immediately after the incident, the mother had explained to the headmistress that it must be the school’s fault if her son said such things. She and her husband did not think so.

The boy had already been making violent comments a week before his threat.

It is now also unclear in what way the Youth Welfare Office will continue to look after the family. Karina Jehniche, the school headmaster, had reported the incident to the Youth Welfare Office, among others.

“The family receives every support from this office as well as from the School Psychological and Inclusion Pedagogical Counselling and Support Centre in Spandau,” Jehniche had said following the incident.The news of the death threat had caused a stir all over Germany. The boy had made the threat after his teacher had demanded that the parents of the eleven-year-old come to a parents’ meeting.

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