Raid on German-Turkish cultural association due to money laundering and illegal gambling

On Sunday, there were exceptionally more Germans than Turks at a German-Turkish cultural association in the Hamburg district of St. Georg.Because the police stormed the place with a large number of police officers and arrested 20 Turks who were apparently gambling for large sums of money.No, the Turks in Hamburg St. Georg do not have the state licence to rip off, and so it happened as it had to happen: their Corona party ended abruptly. In addition to a preliminary investigation on suspicion of illegal gambling, they now face administrative offence proceedings for an apparent violation of the Corona Containment Ordinance.The broadcaster RTL reports, based on a report by the news agency dpa, that one of the suspects was carrying a large sum of cash and is therefore suspected of money laundering. The search was carried out on the basis of an anonymous information, according to the report. The multi-cultural background of the cultural association is not mentioned by dpa and RTL.This was remedied by the tabloid portal, whose editor Fabian Raddatz obviously is familiar with the club and consequently added useful information to the selective information provided by dpa.

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