Dangerous Islamist is allowed to stay in Germany, although even the court that prevented his deportation confirmed that he is a dangerous person

For almost a year, the German state of Lower Saxony has been trying to get rid of a suspected terrorist. But Ahmet K. (30 years old) from Göttingen has defeated the authorities one after the other. Recently, the Göttingen Administrative Court stopped the deportation.

The list of failures:

Ahmet K. has been living in Göttingen since summer 2018. Because he apparently became radicalised, sympathised with Salafists and wanted to buy a weapon, he was wiretapped. In the course of a police operation, he threatened the officers: “I can kill you too.” Arrested, transferred to the deportation prison in Langenhagen.

Ahmet K. is released and immediately ordered to leave the country, this time by the city of Göttingen. New justification: his allegedly extensive criminal record and criminal dangerousness. K. sues again, the next defeat for Lower Saxony.

The Administrative Court of Göttingen stops the expulsion already at the end of December.

The court said that there is a risk that K. will continue to commit crimes in the future. But: “The applicant has so far only been sentenced to a suspended prison sentence (…) and fines.” Moreover, K. is rooted in Germany. His family lives here, he has a three-year-old son.

The municipality could not confirm yesterday whether Göttingen will appeal against the decision at the Higher Administrative Court of Lüneburg. In that case, the departure wrangling would go into the next round…


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