Ireland: Knife-wielding African shot, black activists ‘demand justice’

Protests in Dublin continued during the weekend over the death of George Nkencho, who was shot dead by police, after he attacked officers with a knife. Even the Nigerian government condemned the shooting.

The Nigerian government called the death “ruthless and wicked” and demanded an independent public inquiry.

The 27-year-old was killed on Wednesday outside his home near Clonee in West Dublin. There had been a report of a man wielding a knife in a nearby supermarket.

A spokesperson for the Nigerians in the Diaspora Commission said: “The circumstances surrounding the murder of a young man with an intellectual disability angered the African community.” But the attacker’s sister and a friend gave a different view. His sister said her brother had supported the family. “I have no brother now, he was the eldest in the family. I have to take care of my mum now.” The friend said he had “mental health issues”, not a disability.

Nkencho entered a supermarket in Hartstown and punched a manager in the face, injuring the victim’s nose. The manager had to be taken to hospital.

When the police arrived, they had used pepper spray followed by the firing of two Taser guns. They had also verbally ordered the attacker to drop his knife several times before using force, one source told the Irish Times.

Meanwhile, the African Advocacy Network Ireland called Mr Nkencho’s death an “execution”, reported Dublin Live.

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