Blatant: Mainstream media author compares New Year’s Eve riots to Rural Youth

In an editorial, Standard columnist Hans Rauscher compares the Muslims who marauded through Favoriten on New Year’s Eve with the Austrian youth organisation ” Rural Youth”. The latter is now demanding an apology.

On the night of the turn of the year, a group of about 30 oriental immigrants left a trail of devastation in the district of Favoriten in Vienna. They demolished shop windows, vending machines, newspaper stands, benches and blew up rubbish bins. Even the Christmas tree in the middle of Reumannplatz square was poured over with petrol. Afterwards they fired firecrackers, which had twice the explosive power of a live grenade, at police officers and residents.

Then yesterday a commentary appeared in the online newspaper dealing with the event. One sentence in particular in the column caused a stir, in which the author claimed that similar incidents would also occur among the rural youth:

Riots on “let the dog loose” occasions are traditionally also to be found among the local rural youth.

The chairpersons of the Rural Youth Austria, Ramona Rutrecht and Martin Kubli, reacted indignantly in a statement:

Absurd. One of the country’s leading opinion journalists can think of nothing better than to compare these criminal incidents with rural youth festivals. We reject this comparison in the strongest possible terms, will consider legal action against this insinuation and demand a public apology from Hans Rauscher.

Only a few years ago, Rauscher was bullying people who warned of the negative effects of immigration and showed himself to be naively gullible:

Young men will marry European women. Europe will become a little more oriental, that’s true. But only a bit. And for those who are worried about “Islam”: the free, secular, pluralistic European society will do its seductive work.

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