WATCH: Civil war-like incidents and yells of “Allahu Akbar” again on New Year’s Eve in Vienna


Vienna’s head of the Freedom Party (FPÖ), city councillor Dominik Nepp, was shocked today by the riots committed by criminal Islamist migrant mobs on New Year’s Eve in Vienna’s Favoriten district. According to media reports, the window panes of a jeweller were smashed while shouting Allah. “ÖVP Interior Minister Nehammer has remained completely passive since the outbreak of the riots in June 2020. Instead of spying on good citizens who might be visiting their grandparents, the Minister of the Interior should rather take charge to arrest and deport such migrant gangs,” Nepp said.

The migrant riots are the result of the uncontrolled mass immigration of the last decades. “The Social Democratic Party (SPÖ), the Austrian People’s Party (ÖVP) and the Greens have allowed these criminals to come to Austria and are supporting them with social benefits. The Viennese must now pay for the consequences of this fatal welcome policy,” criticises Nepp.

“If the dead loss Nehammer does not act immediately and put an end to the unrest in our beautiful Vienna, he must immediately resign. The incompetence of the ÖVP Minister of the Interior must no longer be tolerated,” emphasises the Viennese FPÖ party leader.

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