Germany: Turk murders and burns his German girlfriend and dumps her body by the roadside

The body of Silvia B. lay on the edge of the field – shot and burnt. Her boyfriend, Mehmet B., of Turkish origin, was taken into custody.

Senior public prosecutor Rolf Wissen told the newspaper “Bild” that it was a “shocking crime”. He said that the victim had been poured with petrol and then set on fire.

The suspect was arrested on Christmas Eve by a special task force (SEK) in the Cologne area. For tactical reasons, the authorities did not want to disclose where exactly the arrest took place on Monday, December the 28th.

The ex-boyfriend of the victim was brought before the magistrate at the Koblenz district court and is now in custody. He remains silent on the charges.

The motives behind the crime are still completely unclear. This is another reason why the investigation is continuing. The police are currently still looking for the victim’s vehicle. It is a Fiat Panda, year of construction 2010, with the registration number MYK-H 298.

Since the woman was often in the Cologne area before her death due to her relationship with the suspect, the police are also looking for the vehicle there. Information can be given to the police by calling 0261/103-2540.–kripo-sucht-auto-der-getoeteten-37866674 /

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