Columnist of Turkish origin writing for German mainstream media demands Islam quota for parliaments and media

When Sarrazin published his book “Germany is abolishing itself” a few years ago, there was great indignation in the left-green communities. The warning of the Islamisation or at least Arabisation of Germany within two generations was right-wing scaremongering. This alleged “Nazi lie”, however, has now been adopted by the former Spiegel columnist Ferda Ataman in the newspaper Tagesspiegel as a description of the current situation in order to call for a quota of migrants and blacks in German parliaments, federal, state and local authorities as well as TV and newspaper editorial offices.

Who will dare to contradict her? Certainly no allegedly decent, upright and flawlessly democratic member of civil society! Who will dare to point out that the predictions of Sarrazin and others are likely to come true after all, if the tendency continues unabated to ensure a fertile supply from Africa? A supply that is urgently needed because the biological Germans must remain as childless as possible and be available for the labour market so that the social system does not collapse.Surely no one will criticise Ataman, who is keen to keep his public office, make a career and/or perhaps one day be promoted to a public figure. Already today, the majority of children and young people come from immigrant families. That can’t be true. Such a claim is totally Nazi! Germany is not going to abolish itself! Is it? – It gets interesting when you look at who Ms Ataman calls “immigrants”. These are not only the classical guest workers, who are already living here in the fourth generation, but also all economic migrants from Africa, all asylum seekers, all people staying illegally in Germany. She adds all these up and states:

Our children will already make up the majority society in Germany in the next adult generation. Therefore, it is outrageous that in addition to quite exemplary public authorities, in which already today “a quarter of the employees have a migration background”, in numerous “ministries and offices … only white Germans work”.

Using the example of the administration of the state of Berlin, Ms Ataman shows that the ethnic Germans or Europeans still refuse to accept that they will soon be in the minority in what was once their own country: “Only three per cent of those interviewed in the managerial levels of the Berlin administration are people of colour or black people. Ninety-seven percent are white.” That’s a shame, isn’t it? Discrimination by a future white minority defending its racism in the bunker of the citizens until its last breath.”One can now see that German society is changing (once again),” Ferda Ataman triumphantly states. This is the same claptrap as: “Times are changing!” Because times never change. It always moves the same on the infinite time axis. It is people who bring about change. And that ideological minority that has been fighting for 30 years to allow everyone – and as many Muslims as possible – to come to Germany is now pretending that the change in society was something initiated by the times changing – something that cannot be controlled or influenced.But then the quota woman with a migration background finally talks about Sarrazin. Those who call this deliberate immigration of Islamic and Arab cultures and structures to Germany what it truly is, “worry that the latter will abolish itself. This last view is a nationalist view.” In other words, anyone who opposes this policy of the last decades is a Nazi.”Almost half of all under-18s in Berlin have a migration background. In Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart, Nuremberg, Hanover, Bremen, Wiesbaden it is already 50 to 60 per cent and in Frankfurt am Main more than 70 per cent.” Anyone who wants to stop this development is a racist. Because only the suppression of everything Caucasian guarantees a tolerant, diverse and democratic society.For the German-born journalist with Turkish parents, the implementation of the reform of Berlin’s “Participation and Integration Law” is a signal that should soon be applied throughout Germany if the nation wants to get rid of the stigma of being a country full of racists. What is needed is a “special quota ‘for the recruitment and promotion of people affected by racism and people with a migration history, which leads to equal representation at all levels of the administration according to their share of the population in Berlin'”.As I often write in these columns: we are facing great times. The Atamans of this Republic are legion ! And they are ready to conquer the land. But who is ready to defend it? When I have a look at the political landscape, I am afraid. For it is full of lethargic Christians and atheists who will never understand the potential power and will to power that is inherent in the ideology of Islam until they themselves or their children have been degraded to dhimmis. First by quota and then by population majority!

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