Boxer critical of Erdogan attacked with knife in Berlin, Germany

Cowardly knife attack on boxer Ünsal Arik (40 y/o/super welterweight) who is campaigning against Erdogan!

In the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, Arik was walking his dog near his flat in Berlin. Around 1am he was suddenly attacked from behind by two men.

As the tabloid BILD learned, there was an altercation in the course of which one of the attackers allegedly pulled out a knife. In the end, the boxer got a bump and a scratch on his stomach, as he posted on Twitter. Ünsal is said to be unsure whether the injury was caused by the knife because everything happened so quickly.

The boxer suspects that the men were lying in wait for him. He is said to assume a spontaneous attack because they recognised him on the street. The Turkish-speaking perpetrators finally fled. Whether the attack is related to Arik’s frank criticism of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is a matter of conjecture.

Ünsal Arik is said not to have reported the incident to the police.

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