Ban Christmas services in Germany but allow Muslim Friday prayers

If Christians celebrated Christmas under strict hygiene conditions, these events would still pose a danger that could force our government to tighten the lockdown a few days later because of exploding infection figures. As a precaution, North Rhine-Westphalia’s Prime Minister Laschet publicly declared that he would return his tickets for the Christmas mass. And the public broadcasters are increasing the “moral pressure” to cancel all Christmas services by posting more and more announcements on their platforms…

Friday prayers, on the other hand, seem to be harmless even on Christmas days. Ute Teichert – chairperson of the Federal Association of Physicians in the Public Health Service – also considers Christmas services dangerous, but does not say anything about visiting a mosque. “This year, attendance services should be banned nationwide”. Because we know how easily the virus can be transmitted, especially during church services, we must not take any additional risk at Christmas in view of the high infection figures”.None at all! But that doesn’t matter at all. After all, the gastronomy sector is being completely wiped out throughout Germany, even though there has never been any evidence that the superspreaders moved through their hometowns starting from there. Now the lockdown light didn’t work (which is also proof that the gastronomy sector is only minimally involved in the spread. Quickly the next culprit had to be found. Now we have the retail sector. But not all retail, of course, as evidenced by hundreds of exemptions in the various states in addition to grocery shops. Schools, day-care centres, universities, overcrowded suburban trains in big cities… No problem!Now the places of worship of the Christian churches are coming into focus. Knowing that this would hardly be legally enforceable and would not stand up before the Federal Constitutional Court, they are calling for a total ban on church services. In fact, however, the demanding protagonists hope that celebrations will take place in as many small congregations as possible.Because then a perfectly suitable culprit as a victim has been quickly found, in case a new infection should make it necessary to extend the lockdown until Ultimo. The Christians, and above all the Catholics hated by the majority of the federal government, absolutely had to imagine “O Du fröhliche” in church. They are not allowed to sing it anyway, because in churches, apart from the ban on holy water and the requirement to refrain from receiving communion, there is, as is well known, a ban on singing.Nobody knows exactly how many mosques there are in Germany. Nobody knows exactly how many mosques there are in Germany. The last estimates were between 2,750 and 3,500, but it is not important that the state knows how many mosques there are in Germany. As is well known, Islam allegedly poses no danger whatsoever. And that’s why Corona gives a wide berth to all those who kneel on prayer mats Friday after Friday and let the imam explain to them for an hour in his sermon that the Basic Law is more important than the Koran.[sarcasm off]

This is probably the reason why not a single politician in the coalition of the mainstream parties or the chairman of any institution close to the government thought it necessary to say phrases like: “In the next few weeks, there must be no presence services and no presence Friday prayers”. This has nothing to do with knowing that Muslims would not comply anyway or would perform their prayers on the street in front of the mosque. Presumably, the (again estimated) 5.8 to 8.3 million Muslims in Germany are immune to the virus through the blessing of Allah. Not worldwide, but: the pure and healthy diverse German air makes them resistant.Everything just sucks!

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